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Persian-Style Rice

Persian-Style Rice

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Your real, every-day, go-to cooking show is here!

Yussi develops and shares recipes and dishes that are suitable for every home and palate. His charming personality and easy step-by-step directions makes you want to cook right along with him. The recipes you will find on this show are the ones you will return to and make again and again. They are Heimish. They are Home. 

Everyone can cook Heimish with Yussi

Heimish (היימיש: pronounced by HAY-mish or HY-mish): Based on the Yiddish word heim, which means “home,” it describes things that are homey or familiar.

In the current social media - blogger world, unique cuisines are all the rage. Vegan, exotic, KETO, medeteranian, Israeli, anything that's different is blog-worthy. Yussi takes our real "heimish" comfort food that we grew up on and love and elevates them into sophisticated, trendy dishes that every home cook can master and enjoy.

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"I've watched Yussi in the kitchen for 15+ years now.

There's always something new cooking, something original.

But it will always feel Heimish - like home.

What can be better?"  -SF

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